In the 3rd Biology Night of July 11, held in the historic building of the Universidad de Barcelona, the awards ceremony of the Sociedad Catalana de Biología (SCB) took place. Dr. Arnaldo Parra was among the finalists for the Young Researcher Award for his doctoral thesis ‘Role of CREB/CRTC1-regulated gene transcription during hippocampal-dependent memory in Alzheimer’s disease mouse models’, directed by the Dr. Carles Saura. In this category, the best doctoral thesis in the field of biological sciences defended in a Catalan university was awarded. Finally, the prize was given to Dr. Verónica Llorens for her thesis ‘Comprehensive understanding of transcription in a minimum cellular model’.

Saura Lab congratulates all the winners and finalists in the different categories.



Dr. Carles Saura and Dr. Arnaldo Parra discussing the results in the laboratory